Why men who can’t wear shorts are wearing skirts instead

Overheated men and boys in the UK and Europe are defying dress codes by wearing skirts.

Bus drivers in France are among those who have been coping with soaring temperatures by ditching their trousers.

After finding it too hot to work in full-length leg wear, members of the CFDT Semitan Union in Nantes got around the no-shorts-to-work policy by wearing skirts.

The drivers told the local Presse Ocean news site they envied women who were able to wear skirts in the heat wave, and the video of their story has been viewed more than 160,000 times in two days.

Union member Gabriel Magner said: “When it’s 50 degrees behind the windscreen all day, those are work conditions which are not acceptable.

“What we want is for the company to do something about it so when it gets like this a heat regulation can come into force when the temperature reaches a certain level, to allow drivers to wear Bermuda shorts, for example.”

No shorts allowed

Its not the only bare legged protest over the last few days. Record high June temperatures in the UK have also prompted boys at one school in Exeter to wear skirts in a protest over the school’s uniform policy.


This post was originally published on http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-40366316  and should not be viewed as plagiarism.


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